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Note natural youthful eye appearance in the 3 months postoperative photos. Before After. Procedure Description 22 year old male, with congenital left upper eyelid ptosis, underwent frontalis sling operation on left eyelid. Before and 3 months after surgery photos results are shown Frontalis sling surgery performed on child patient before and after photo. Dr. Amiya Prasad is highly experienced in ptosis repair surgery

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August 12, 2012. Answer: Frontalis sling ptosis surgery. Frontalis sling links the forehead muscle (frontalis muscle) to the eyelid, so that the forehead is able to assist in lifting a severe droopy eyelid. This technique is reserved for severe ptosis with very weak levator muscle, which is responsible for lifting the eyelid in normal conditions Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad is an expert in cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Prasad for your eyelid ptosis surgery today! Contact Dr. Prasad at his New York office at (212) 265-8877 or in his Garden City office at (516) 742-4636, or fill out the contact form below Dr. Levin Ptosis Surgeon of Mountain View, CA treats acquired ptosis with a surgical procedure based on the severity of the ptosis and the strength of the levator muscle. Ptosis is the medical term for drooping of the upper eyelid, a condition that may affect one or both eyes. When the edge of the upper eyelid falls, it may block the upper field of your vision News Reporter Rescued From Severe Dry Eye. Thomas Clinch, MD, and his dry-eye patient, news reporter Shannon Bream, manage her eye pain together. Living with chronic pain often leads people to a dark place. Shannon Bream's 18-month ordeal with constant, searing eye pain left her exhausted, depressed and ready to give up on life (b) After this step how many cycles of CPR should be given before the next rhythm check? Answer: Give five cycles of CPR & then check rhythm. (c) After the cycles of CPR there is another rhythm check & the Pt is still in VF. What are the 3 next management steps? Answer: Give 1 shock. Resume CPR. Give adrenaline 1mg IV/IO,repeat every 3-5 minutes

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