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Reasons for Public Support and Opposition to Wolf Reintroduction in Colorado Surveys, interviews, and stakeholder workshops have identified numerous perceived positive and negative impacts of wolves and reasons why people support or oppose wolf reintroduction in Colorado The gray wolf became protected under 1973's Federal Endangered Species Act, but this action continues to be controversial and implemented through a patchwork of state laws. These are the pros and cons of wolf reintroduction to consider. List of the Pros of Wolf Reintroduction. 1. Wolves help to increase the biodiversity of a region Elk and deer numbers, cattle depredation; those are topics that are only going to find resonance with folks that are adamantly opposed to wolf reintroduction already. The challenge and goal should be to convince those on the fence that wolf reintroduction rather than natural migration is problematic The debate over wolf reintroduction has become one of the most controversial issues facing Coloradans, on par with polarizing opinions over climate change or gun laws. Even among the conservation community, people are split, Desjardin said

Those in favor of wolf reintroduction tend to see them as symbols of unadulterated wildness and their return to the landscape a way to reclaim a world tarnished by human intervention. Opponents, on.. Colorado's Stop the Wolf Coalition is campaigning against Initiative 107, whose backers are currently seeking signatures to qualify for the 2020 November ballot. The ballot measure, if approved and passed, would reintroduce between 20 and 30 wolves to the Western Slope by 2023 On Tuesday March 16, 2021, the Rio Blanco County Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to reaffirm the county's opposition to wolf reintroduction to become a Wolf Reintroduction Sanctuary County

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  1. Since this wolf-reintroduction originates and is being heavily funded from outside CO, it seems reasonable that opponents to CO wolf introduction who do not live in CO should have their opinions heard on this matter. This organization is one among many opposing CO wolf reintroduction
  2. Colorado Why a Forced Wolf Introduction is a Bad Idea . Colorado's economy, elk population, conservation funding, hunting industry and resident taxpayer dollars are in the crosshairs. An environmental extremist-driven ballot initiative aims to force an introduction of wolves onto the Colorado landscape even though Colorado Parks and Wildlife confirmed a natural migrating, active pack in the.
  3. The Montezuma County Board of County Commissioners continues to oppose gray wolf reintroduction into the Western Slope, a plan narrowly approved by Colorado voters in November. Commissioners passed..
  4. The government's reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park in 1995 sparked opposition from ranchers, farmers, and hunters that continues to this.
  5. Wolf reintroduction involves the reintroduction of a portion of grey wolves in areas where native wolves have been extirpated.More than 30 subspecies of Canis lupus have been recognized, and grey wolves, as colloquially understood, comprise nondomestic/feral subspecies. Reintroduction is only considered where large tracts of suitable wilderness still exist and where certain prey species are.
  6. Colorado Cattlemen's Association, founded in 1867, shared two basic reasons for producer opposition to reintroduction of wolves into the southern Rocky Mountain ecosystem: 1. We believe that the introduction is driven by the faulty assumption that the presence of the wolf is necessary for healthy ecosystem function
  7. DENVER — Colorado's wildlife agency said Thursday it considers a ballot initiative to reintroduce the gray wolf into the state to have passed after a group that opposes the initiative conceded the race and the agency consulted with the office of Gov. Jared Polis

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  1. A yes vote supported requiring the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to create a plan to reintroduce and manage gray wolves on designated lands west of the continental divide by the end of 2023. A no vote opposed creating a plan to reintroduce and manage gray wolves on designated lands west of the continental divide by the end of 2023
  2. ent hunting group is joining agricultural interests in opposing the measure. Hunting and outdoor advocacy group Safari Club International recently announced that it raised $140,000 to fight the wolf proposal. Wolves are here, they are going to [
  3. The opposition's fundraising so far is dwarfed by the $1.3 million Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund spent in 2019 getting the wolf reintroduction proposal on the ballot. The bulk of the wolf action fund's money went to Landslide Political to collect the needed signatures for the ballot initiative
  4. A wolf is released from its cage into the pen in 1995. One of the reintroduction pens remains standing. Park managers are discussing if it should be left as a historic site or taken down to return the site to its natural condition
  5. Opposition to Wolf Reintroduction in the Northern Rockies. The government's reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park in 1995 sparked opposition from ranchers, farmers, and hunters that continues to this day. Ralph Maughan, PhD, draws upon his background as a political scientist to cut through the rhetoric of these groups and to.
  6. Opposition group Coloradans Protecting Wildlife spent $745,000 opposing wolves, fueled largely by $369,500 from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and $127,000 from Arizona hunting group Safari Club International.) Voters late Tuesday were narrowly approving a measure to reintroduce wolves to Colorado. (Photo provided by Grizzly Creek Films
  7. On Tuesday, the Rio Blanco County Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to reaffirm the county's opposition to wolf reintroduction to become a Wolf Reintroduction.

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Beisher, supra note 28, at 417 (noting rancher opposition to Yellowstone wolf reintroduction). '5 See Mexican wolf FEIS, supra note 30, at 5-48 (stating the Mescalero Apache Tribe's opposition to Mexi-can wolf reintroduction); Id. at 5-44 (stating the New Mexico Department of Fish and Game's opposition to Mexican wolf reintroduction) The killing of red wolf 11768f was the beginning of the bad times for this country's most critically endangered canid. It was mid-2015, and 11768F was a six-year-old matriarch with a mate and a. This was in spite of SCI's every effort with a coalition of partners and the department's opposition to the proposal and the state's lack of funding to implement a reintroduction. The initiative narrowly passed by 50.58 percent of the vote and is considered one of the most divisive issues in the state Over the past 10 years wolf reintroduction into Yellowstone National Park has been a controversial topic to those of the United States. As of 1995, wolves have been reintroduced into the park. This has come with some strong opposition and yet has prevailed

A rancher's perspective on wolf reintroduction. There are legitimate concerns and consequences to be considered pertaining to the reintroduction of wolves. It is disingenuous to state that opponents of wolf reintroduction base their beliefs solely on myth while wolf advocates use only facts as suggested by Senator Phillips of Montana. The. Local opposition stems from two primary issues, both involving negative economic impacts due to wolf reintroduction. The first is livestock depredation. Environmental Impact Statements showed that cattle and sheep loss annually averaged $11,300 in 1997-2000, but has increased to $63,818 per year as wolf populations in the Greater Yellowstone. But wolves actually pose far less of a risk to livestock than many farmers believe. Fritts et al. (1997) found that no livestock were killed during the first phase of wolf reintroduction in 1995. Furthermore, Livestock loss due to wolves in the Northern Rockies represents less than 1 percent of all livestock loss (The Truth, 2009. By 2006, the North Carolina red wolf reintroduction program, which began with 43 individuals, had grown to 130. However, during the past 10 years, that number has steeply declined Following a call to join Rio Blanco's Wolf Reintroduction Sanctuary stance, Moffat County commissioners stated that while they remain steadfast in the opposition of wolves, they will not be joining in on Rio Blanco's resolution, instead focusing their efforts on requesting a local governmental role in the planning process

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reintroduction. Rio Blanco County has asked other counties to do the same, including Moffat County, prompting our residents to ask if Moffat County will pass the same resolution. Moffat County Commissioners remain steadfast in our opposition to wolf reintroductions More than 100 attend Naturalist Nights at Carbondale's Third Street Center. Area ranchers came out in numbers to adamantly oppose the idea of wolf reintroduction in Colorado during a standing.

Other groups opposing wolf reintroduction didn't concede. A top opposition group, the Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition, said it was actively monitoring the vote count and will seek to fix any no votes rejected by elections officials because of signature discrepancies or other reasons, said Ted Harvey, campaign director for the Stop the. At a work session held by the BoCC on April 6, the board discussed a trio of statewide concerns, including its opposition to the reintroduction of Canadian gray wolves within the county. Commissioner Alvin Schaaf expressed his concerns and dissatisfaction with the recent approval of Colorado Proposition 114, Gray Wolf Reintroduction Initiative. Colorado Wolf Management Working Group, was in response to the reintroduction of gray wolves by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) into their historic habitat, the northern Rocky Mountains. In November, the PWC returned to the discussion of wolves and the active introduction or reintroduction of wolves into Colorado Colorado's statewide wolf-reintroduction ballot initiative is rankling rural communities, rekindling old conflicts over the purpose of public lands. It's straining the hard-won partnership that.

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As the debate over wolf reintroduction continued, the rancher's opposition to wolf recovery centered around two fundamental issues. First, they were concerned about wolf predation and whether or not they, personally, would be able to manage depredating wolves Initiative 107: restoration of gray wolves. Currently, the Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund (RMWAF) is collecting signatures for a proposed 2020 ballot measure that would restore the gray wolf to Colorado. Rob Edward, president of RMWAF, summarized the petition: Initiative 107 directs the Colorado Department of Wildlife & Parks to initiate a science-based wolf restoration plan, to include. This secretive lobbying group made up of Mesa, Garfield, Rio Blanco, and Moffatt Counties raised objections to the Polis administration allegedly fast-tracking wolf reintroduction, asserted a. Voter approval of Colorado wolf reintroduction means paws on the ground by late 2023 - from The Denver Post. November 5, 2020. Proposition 114 directs CPW to develop a plan and reintroduce an undetermined number of gray wolves, enough to ensure wolf survival, by the end of 2023 on former habitat in Gray wolf stripped of federal protections. Today the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service finalized a rule removing protections for all gray wolves in the lower-48 states except for a small population of Mexican wolves in Arizona and New Mexico. OPS joins the chorus of conservation organizations that denounce this attack on science and wildlife

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Wolf reintroduction is only considered where large tracts of suitable wilderness still exist and where certain prey species are abundant enough to support a predetermined wolf population. After years of review and discussion, wolves have been reintroduced to different areas in the United States. Opposition to Yellowstone Reintroduction Without a doubt, Smith says Yellowstone's grizzlies are benefiting from the wolves' presence due to their ability to successfully usurp the large canid's meals. There has been opposition to the wolf reintroduction program by some ranchers and other groups, but for the most part, the program has been successful without bothering the bears. Colorado is about to get a little more crowded. With 90 percent of the votes counted, Centennial State voters narrowly decided to reintroduce gray wolves into the state by 2023—50.3 percent to 49.7 percent. One of the more controversial ballot initiatives, Proposition 114 asked voters if Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) should design a plan. They remain vehemently opposed to wolf reintroduction and only met with us to express their concerns and their complete and unqualified opposition to wolf reintroduction. The meeting ended without any action plan, other than the understanding that communication between wildlife officials, ranchers, farmers and the general public needs to. Wolf reintroduction won't be funded by the sale of hunting and fishing licenses in Colorado, and that was made a matter of state law from Eagle County on Sunday. We had no opposition on this bill down at the Capitol, Will said on Sunday. Wolves are controversial, but everybody came together on this bill..

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The alert was based on comments by Polis to the CPW commissioners that day indicating what that group called his intent to rush wolf reintroduction and introduce wolves ahead of the 2023. On Tuesday, the Rio Blanco County Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to reaffirm the county's opposition to wolf reintroduction to become a Wolf Reintroduction Sanctuary County. Rio Blanco County is the first in the State to adopt a Wolf Reintroduction Sanctuary Resolution since Proposition 114 passed Nov. 3 Rio Blanco County Reaffirms Opposition to wolf reintroduction - from The Fence Post March 17, 2021 Colorado Wolf Reintroduction is a non-partisan organization dedicated to providing education and resources to those affected by wolf reintroduction Additionally considered was the impact to the public that wolf reintroduction efforts could potentially have. Based on information from federal and state agencies, reintroduction of wolves into Colorado was not necessary in maintaining a healthy wildlife ecosystem and could actually be harmful On Tuesday March 16, 2021, the Rio Blanco County Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to reaffirm the county's opposition to wolf reintroduction to become a Wolf Reintroduction Sanctuary County. Rio Blanco Count

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The voters of Colorado have made history by electing to reintroduce gray wolves to the state. The opponents of Proposition 114, as the measure was called, conceded Thursday, National Geographic reported. As of that afternoon, the plan to reintroduce wolves had 1,495,523 votes for and 1,475,235 against with 90 percent of the votes counted Rio Blanco County takes steps affirming Colo., wolf reintroduction opposition On Tuesday March 16, 2021, the Rio Blanco County Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to reaffirm the county's opposition to wolf reintroduction to become a Wolf Reintroduction Sanctuary County

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The measure, Prop 114, directed the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to come up with a plan for wolf reintroduction and management no later than Dec. 31, 2021 An internal investigation into Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northwest Regional Manager JT Romatzke didn't find direct corroborating evidence to support allegations that he worked in his professional capacity in opposition to implementing wolf reintroduction in the state and tried to get agency staff to produce a video casting CPW commissioners perceived as pro-wolf in a..

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Colorado ranchers voice opposition at wolf reintroduction presentation In California , Colorado by Twowolves January 9, 2016 Leave a Comment It is sad that ranchers present input that scientific as well as historical proof have shown to be false! Still, the group leading the opposition to wolf reintroduction is also skeptical of her bill. Denny Behrens, co-chair for Stop the Wolf Coalition, said postponing the reintroduction for two years. from outright opposition to wolf reintroduction, to support for (more) -3- controlled release of wolves, to establishment of fully protected populations in Yellowstone and central Idaho. Among considerations from those who oppose reintroduction are concerns for safety of livestock and health of prey populations,. Two notable reintroduction areas in the United States were Yellowstone and Isle Royale National Parks. Both proposals caused polarization and debate. In Yellowstone opposition focused on outside the park effects, mainly wolves killing livestock and wild game also desired by human hunters Because of the vague wolf protection laws, ranchers continue to have problems with livestock losses due to lone wolves. If there was adequate protection for ranchers against wolves then the wolf reintroduction program would have been more palatable for ranchers, but there isn't, so it's difficult to support, said Rick Krause, senior director of Regulations for the American Farm.

A five-year review of the program, released in April 2018 by Fish and Wildlife, determined that poor management, relaxed hunting regulations for coyotes — for which red wolves are often mistaken — poaching and opposition to the reintroduction plan by state officials were factors in that decline Opponents of wolf reintroduction are concerned about damage to livestock- and hunting-based rural economies, reports the Colorado Sun. But research has shown that the apex predators keep. I love the idea [of wolf reintroduction], she said. But the reality is it's just going to end up in a lot of wildlife-human conflict and the eventual eradication of wolves in the state. For Pelton the issue is more about conflict with the state's livestock industry, especially on the Western Slope, and fiscal responsibility Th e bulk of the opposition comes from rural ranchers and hunting associations, who fear for livestock, deer and elk populations. Martini says that the romance of wolf reintroduction spoke to urban voters, who ignored practicalities. 'The majority of support was along the eastern stretch from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, where Denver. Rep. Dean: Republican opposition to investigating Jan. 6 is a 'shameful decision' compensation for livestock loss and how wolf reintroduction will impact ungulate populations

Governors of Virginia and West Virginia have indicated support for the wolf program, despite widespread opposition from citizens and some county officials in the release areas. The federal Wolf Reintroduction Program in Virginia-West Virginia is being coordinated with state natural resource departments opposition to wolf reintroduction (Duda & Young, 1995). Supporters of wolf reintroduction said that wolves belong in the ecosystem, and shoul

The resolution notes that Colorado Parks and Wildlife previously passed resolutions opposing wolf reintroduction in 1982, 1989 and 2016, as well as in the agency's wolf management recommendations adopted in 2005. Making fish and wildlife decisions by the ballot is a peculiar thing, said County Attorney Chris Leahy The main argument behind the opposition to the proposition was that the management of wolves should be in the hands of the CPW and the Fish and Wildlife Service, rather than up to Colorado voters. Groups referred to this as ballot box biology and point out that the CPW has opposed wolf reintroduction to the state four times, in 2016, 2006.

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Jeff Menges, a rancher who operates in Graham and Greenlee counties, speaks in opposition to the Mexican gray wolf reintroduction program, during a legislative hearing in Clifton Saturday Garfield County commissioners have joined the growing opposition to reintroduction of the gray wolf in Colorado as advocates work to get a measure providing for reintroduction onto next year's. Rancher opposition. commissioned on behalf of Edward's campaign showed that two-thirds of likely voters said they were in favor of the wolf reintroduction, with only 15% opposed. The poll.

reintroduction programs and planned to release wolves into the species' former territorial range in the United States. In 1997, the then-Secretary of the Interior approved the Apache and Gila and he has publicly expressed opposition to wolf reintroduction on behalf of Catron County and reported to MGWRP and others on the psychological and. The public response to wolf reintroduction has been extreme and varied. Currently, many Rocky Mountain residents are angry about decimated deer and elk populations and blame the reduced numbers on wolves. Messier and colleagues (1995) believed that Yellowstone elk would decline significantly, more than thirty percent, following wolf reintroduction The opposition of livestock interests to the federal wolf program is pressuring the government to restrict the species reintroduction to a few national parks, national forests and wilderness preserves in the West. A trapper recently (and unintentionally) captured the first confirmed wolf to reside in Utah in 70 years Endangered Species Act Which reason was the major reason for people's opposition to wolf reintroduction? Wolves sometimes killed livestock, such as sheep and cattle. After wolves were reintroduced, what task did the federal government assign to state governments The breeding and reintroduction program has been met with intense opposition from the ranching industry and its supporters, and poaching is a serious problem in wolf territory in the United States. That poaching is likely fueled by a campaign of fear

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Proposition 114 would direct Colorado Parks and Wildlife to reintroduce gray wolves to the Western Slope by the end of 2023. A simple majority vote is required for the proposition to pass Idaho, Montana and Wyoming have more elk now than in 1995, when wolves were returned, said Norman Bishop, who worked on wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone National Park. Two mountain lion hunters also spoke in opposition to HB 224 on Tuesday, saying they're opposed to the use of snares due to the potential for mistakenly catching. With regard to wolf reintroduction in Colorado, though public support for wolf reintroduction is high, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission, an 11-member committee appointed by the Governor and tasked with guiding wildlife management in Colorado, rejected a 2016 proposal to reestablish wolves to Colorado (Eastman, 2019). It is unclear how. Opposition to wolves in Colorado. Other hunters, as well as ranchers and concerned citizens, strongly oppose Initiative 107. Mike Phillips explains that with a good wolf reintroduction plan, Within a decade, you could easily imagine 100 gray wolves or more free-ranging across the woodlands of Colorado.. Killing a wolf can result in federal charges, including a $100,000 fine and a year in prison, per offense, according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regulations. Elsewhere, including the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, reintroduction programs have fostered sustainable populations to the point that officials have allowed wolf hunting The group opposed to Proposition 114 has conceded the race despite it not being called by The Associated Press, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife said the measure had passed, all but ensuring the.