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Be Whisked Away By The Curious Nature Of À La Decor. International Delivery Available. Show Your Adventurous Side With Our Travel Inspired Items. Award-Winning Customer Service Check the Health of the Puppy or Dog It can be difficult for the average person to check if a dog or puppy is healthy or not, so if you decide to adopt or buy the puppy, make sure that the seller agrees that you can return them within 48 hours for a full refund after taking the dog or puppy to a Vet of your choice for a health check I am and have been a member of the Leonberger Club of America since 2006. I breed Leos for health, temperament and physical fitness. All of our dogs are members of our family. Our Leonberger puppies are raised in our home as part of our family. I have raised and shown dogs since 1986. My first breeds were Chows and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers No puppies are available. Contact for more information. Mary Davidson. Harwich, MA 02645. AKC Breeders of Merit. STANDARD LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENT: Minimum of 4 dogs earning titles. Breeders of Merit are denoted by level in ascending order of: Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum The average lifespan of the Leonberger is 8 - 9 years. The health concerns common in this breed include hip dysplasia and other skeletal diseases/disorders, eyelid defects and bone disease. The average cost for a Leonberger puppy is between $1500.00 - $2000.00 per puppy. Anonymous

Gender. Male. Kane is 3 years old, neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and on heartworm preventative. Kane weighs 80 pounds currently. He needs a secure. View Details. $150 PuppyFinder.com is your source for finding an ideal Leonberger Puppy for Sale in USA. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area. We have 9 very cute and sweet puppies looking for their forever home. Mom and dad are working dogs very intelligent, loyal. Odie. Husky-Labrador Retriever Mix. The Leonberger has a shoulder height of 27-31 in (69-79 cm) and weighs 100-170 lbs (45-77 kg). It is a large, muscular dog, but elegant in its movements. The Leonberger has a moderate stop (depression where the muzzle meets the forehead), black nose, long muzzle, scissor or pincer bite, brown, oval eyes, and high-set pendant ears Adopt Rocco a Tan/Yellow/Fawn Leonberger / Mixed dog in Peru, IN (31452795) Leonberger · Peru, IN. Meet Rocco Taco! He is a big boy that LOVES to be with his people. Does well with pets, kids and people, however, is not good w more. Tools. 4 weeks ago on Adopt-a-Pet.com

The Leonberger dog breed is large, and this energetic 100- to 150-pound addition to a family may turn out to be more than some people can handle. So if you're considering getting a Leonberger, take a look at rescue organizations that place dogs for people who are unable to keep them The LCA Working Dog Program is maintained by the Leonberger Working Dog Program & Dog Award Committee. The purpose of this Committee is to educate the membership as to the wide array of activities in which our exceptionally versatile breed excels, and to encourage the members to work with their Leonbergers by providing timely and meaningful recognition of accomplishments in such activities

Breeder of quality Leonberger Dogs. We are a family breeder of Leonberger dogs. We strive to have the quality that will lead to perpetuating this breed with healthy and quality the breed is best known for. Upcoming is D litter! Price is Typical of this Breed in the Region. See All Leonberger Puppies. 25 likes · 4 talking about this. Leonberger Breeder in Greater Vancouver area, British Columbia Canada Member of the Canadian Kennel Club and Leonberger Club of Canada Raising..

Adopt Mack a Leonberger Shepherd. Mack is a very special dog who seeks a very specific home. He needs to be in a home with no other... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website Leonberger information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. The Leonberger is a lush-coated giant of German origin The Leonberger enjoys swimming, tracking, agility, therapy work, pulling a cart or sled, and weight pulling -- all productive outlets for his energy. Fetching a ball or Frisbee, however, is not a natural activity for this breed. The Leonberger is a loving, steadfast dog who thrives on being made an integral part of the family Don't buy a Leonberger if you don't want to share your home (not just your yard) with your dog. They are devoted to their people and want to be with you as much as possible. They are likely to behave badly to alleviate their boredom - digging, chewing, barking, etc

Pets are generally considered property and it is illegal to take and keep someone else's property. 3. You must call your local animal control unit and file a FOUND AN ANIMAL report for any dog or cat you find. 4. To reclaim your lost dog, cat or other pet from the animal shelter you must pay a release fee. 5 Leonberger. The Leonberger is a large, muscular working dog, well suited for the original purpose of family dog, farm dog, and draft dog. The breed is strong and powerful, with medium to heavy build, slightly longer than tall. Males in particular carry a lion-like mane on the neck and chest, and both males and females have a double coat The first Leonberger was imported to the United States in 1971. This versatile breed has been successful for guarding livestock, search and rescue, obedience, water rescue, tracking and as a family companion. First and foremost a family dog, the Leonberger's temperament is one of its most important and distinguishing characteristics

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  3. When I looked at 4 Leonberger puppies of 11 months, I was utterly astonished at their massive sizes and gentleness. Nice hub. Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on May 07, 2011: Thanks so much everyone. They are wonderful dogs. Miss Lil' Atlanta from Atlanta, GA on May 06, 2011: Wow Great Niche Hub! I love the Leonberger dog breed
  4. Phone : 0354354132/0431 293 290. Email : Send Email. We aim to breed strong, healthy, good natured dogs who will become loving members of your family. Our dogs are well socialised in the local community and are raised in the family home with children ranging in age from 1 to 16 years

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The Leonberger is a very large dog, and unfortunately, that means his life expectancy is pretty short. Living a mere 7 years, this breed is also prone to several inheritable health conditions, including orthopedic problems, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans, panosteitis, cataracts, entropion, and ectropion The Leonberger can live a healthy and happy life for such a large dog and has a life expectancy of 7 years. But, like all dog breeds, the Leonberger can be prone to certain diseases. It'll be reassuring to do your homework so you know what to be aware of when buying your pup and signs to look out for What to do if you find a lost Leonberger . If you find a Leonberger Dog or any other pet and it does not have an identification tag with a phone number, you can: 1. List the found pet details at Pet Reunite website here. 2. Register the missing pet on the Local Facebook Lost Pets Groups. 3. Call the Local Council to collect the lost animal. 4

You need to understand your dog's behavior, personality, and characteristics to name a dog. The Leonberger is a dog breed, whose name derives from the city of Leonberg in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. This domestic dog possesses either a strongly masculine or elegantly feminine form, making gender immediately discernible. Wikipedi Caucasian Ovcharkas have a lower energy level than other dogs. Leonbergers have a higher energy level than other dog breeds. Kangal Dogs have an average energy level, so if you live a semi-active life, this breed can be a good choice for you. Exercise Need. Caucasian Ovcharkas exercise need is minimal The Leonberger has a shoulder height of 27-31 in (69-79 cm) and weighs 100-170 lbs (45-77 kg). It is a large, muscular dog, but elegant in its movements. The Leonberger has a moderate stop (depression where the muzzle meets the forehead), black nose, long muzzle, scissor or pincer bite, brown, oval eyes, and high-set pendant ears Home; Collections; Leonberger Full Color Leo Head Decal $13.00 Hand painted doghouse ornament - Leo 4 Puppies Christmas Cards - sold individually $0.99 Big Dog Bear Bell with Snap $12.00 Big Dog Leather Bell Door Hanger $24.00. What a beautiful dog and so sweet! I wanted you to see just how beautiful these dogs are. Below is a video I found where the owner is being greeted by their Leonberger. The second video below will also show you that these dogs can be used as watchdogs or for security. Although we all know how gentle and tame they really are

Toozey Puppy Toys for Small Dogs, 7 Pack Small Dog Toys, Cute Calf Squeaky Toys for Dogs, Durable Puppy Teething Toys, 100% Natural Cotton Ropes Chew Toys for Puppies, Non-Toxic and Safe 4.7 out of 5 stars 10,18 1. Dog needs to be one year of age to enter the program. 2. Dog must have earned AKC CGC prior to start of the therapy work. 3. The Therapy Team of dog & handler must be an active member of a recognized national, state or local therapy organization. 4. Owner must be a member in good standing of the Leonberger Club of America Intact female dogs go into heat approximately every six months, although this can vary depending on the dog and the breed. The heat cycle lasts 18-to-21 days and is broken into four distinct stages

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Please verify all information with the seller. Lancaster Puppies ® is a federally registered trademark owned by Online Advertising, LLC. We provide advertising for dog breeders, puppy sellers, and other pet lovers offering dogs and puppies for sale. We also advertise stud dog services and other puppy for sale related items Pets | Puppies & Dogs | Leonbergers | Bootle. £1,500. Rehomed. Leonberger puppies. Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Pregnancy confirmed. Due around 26th December. Ready to leave at 8 weeks old Puppies will be kc registered. Raised in a family home and will be very well socialised The Kennel di Storazondo, which specializes in breeding Leonbergers, said cancer is the No. 1 killer of Leonberger dogs. Because of cancer, the lifespan of the Leonberger only averages seven years. If a dog lives a healthy life to the age of 4 however, they have a very good chance of living into the double digits, the breeder's website. Leonberger Beach Towel - Patriotic - bob_BT_35457 - Leonberger Velour Beach Towel with a Patriotic Theme Vibrant Beach Towel featuring Dog Breed Artwork 100% Microfiber Polyester Terry Velour Ultra Soft, Absorbent and Quick Drying Beach Towel measures 30 x 60 inches Machine Washable Perfect for a day at the beach Leonberger Breeders. I am a hobby breeder and first & foremost only breed when I intend to keep a puppy from the litter. I currently have 3 Leonbergers 2 girls and 1 boy and all my dogs live in doors with me. We are a small kennel on the Surrey/West Sussex borders surrounded by countryside

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Originating in the mid-nineteenth century in Leonberg, Germany, these wonderful, weatherproof family dogs are arguably the oldest of the German pure breeds. Although fairly well-known in France, Germany, and Scandinavia, they are still considered a rare breed in most countries. One of the giant breeds, the Leonberger is powerful and elegant Check the local pet store for dog grooming supplies and find the best dog shampoo to keep its coat healthy and to give your dog a pleasant experience of a dog bath. If you don't have the time, skill or money to take care of your Leonberger, search for a dog groomer or clipping service in your area and book an appointment Leonberger Dog Breed Information: Facts, Traits, Pictures & More Are you looking to adopt an adoring and affectionate canine companion and are considering the Leonberger? Find out if this gentle giant is the perfect dog breed for your next four-legged friend by reading about their living conditions, nutrition needs, and history The Labrador Retriever is a swimming dog that doesn't get quite as large as the Chesapeake Bay Retriever and usually tops out at about 80 pounds. Breeders in the United Kingdom created it from several Canadian dogs, and it has since become one of the most popular dogs in the world. It has a pleasant and outgoing temperament, and it follows commands well, so it's popular in the military and.

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a strong tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. Shiloh Shepherd dogs have an average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. Impulse to Wander or Roam. Leonbergers tend to escape less than other breeds. Bernese Mountain Dogs have average wanderlust potential Leonberger dogs may suffer from neuromuscular disease collectively termed Laryngeal Paralysis - Polyneuropathy (LPPN). Many LPPN affected dogs suffers from laryngeal paralysis; clinical signs include noisy breathing, a change in their bark, or even difficulty breathing due to involvement of the larynx and laryngeal folds in the throat. Additionally, dogs may show signs of slowly worsening. Reddish Brown. Sandy. Yellow. Litter Size. 6-8 puppies. Puppy Prices. Average $2000 - $4000 USD. The average Leonberger puppy price is around $2,000 to $4,000. This breed is definitely a bit on the higher end of the price spectrum for dog breeds, although not as expensive as other breeds like the Tibetan Mastiff and Samoyed Insure your Leonberger with PDSA: 1 in 3 pets need vet treatment each year and vet bills can come to hundreds of pounds. PDSA Pet Insurance can give you peace of mind when your pet is poorly, especially for breeds like Leonbergers that are prone to certain conditions. PDSA Pet Insurance offers: 5 Star Pet Insurance* - from the vet experts

The Leonberger takes his name from his lionlike appearance. He is a German breed, a giant dog who can weigh from 120 to 170 pounds. It is believed that he was developed during the Victorian era by crossing a Landseer Newfoundland with a longhaired Saint Bernard, with Pyrenean Mountain Dog and more Saint Bernard later added to the mix. These days, the Leonberger is primarily a family companion About the Leonberger. Despite their imposing size, Leonbergers are gentle, loving dogs who make excellent family companions. They are friendly with children and patient with other animals in the home. The Leonberger is intelligent, resilient and observant, making natural watchdogs who are quick to identify strangers and will alert their owners. Puppy Training Made Easy: 4 Things You MUST Do Right Training your Leonberger puppy doesn't have to be a struggle. There are four simple things you can do right now to change your pup's behavior and make training easy. Puppy Training Schedule: What to Teach (and When) Puppy training starts the moment you bring your puppy home Dad is a house dog but prefers to be outdoors most of time also house trained. Puppies have been socialized to children and other dogs, vacuum sounds, bath and blow dryer, they are grass mat potty trained and working on outdoor potty training, and have crate exposure too. as well. Can send T E X T 2 3 1 - 6 4 9 - 3 6 8 7

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This is one of the Leonberger dogs I visited saying HI! He has a little friend below! Nellie in the other pictures is a Leonberger pup. Article by Anna. 659. Huge Dogs Giant Dogs I Love Dogs Beautiful Dogs Animals Beautiful Worlds Biggest Dog Animals And Pets Cute Animals Big Dog Breeds 領Leonberger Nylon Dog Harness for Wallking [H6###1092 Nylon dog harness for Leonberger] Custom dog harnesses for Pulling, Training, Tracking, Walking - Light Weight Heavy Duty Pulling Dog Harness Check out our best nylon pulling harness for police, service, rescue, sport or schutzhund dog. This is a great light weight harness with two extra D-Rings sewn into the sides Recent studies suggest that early exposure to pets may help protect young children from developing allergies and asthma. But for people who are allergic to certain animals, having pets in the home can do more harm than good. Helping Each Other. Pets also bring new responsibilities. Knowing how to care for and feed an animal is part of owning a pet The Newfoundland is a giant dog that can weigh up to 150 pounds (or 120 pounds as a female). But make no mistake, a sweet-tempered Newfie is a famously good companion. Newfoundlands are large, powerful working dogs that are famously sweet and fond of children, says DiNardo, enough so that they are deemed nanny dogs

For as long as she's been arresting the Leonberger Any Woman can be a Mother but it takes someone Special to be a Dog Mom purple shirt moreover I will buy this world with her bombshell looks, Jerry Hall has been synonymous with her curtain of platinum blonde waves. But proving that lockdown has enticed many to do a 180 by way of a dramatic dye job, the six-foot Texan supermodel has a whole. Adopt Thor and bring home your very own Leonberger puppy today! Product information Product Dimensions 19 x 6 x 8.5 inches Item Weight 14.4 ounces ASIN B088F81373 Manufacturer recommended age 24 months and up Best Sellers Ran The jumbo-sized Leonberger dog breed is a mix of the Newfoundland, longhaired Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees. Although these are purebred dogs, you may find them in the care of shelters and. Big dog breeds offer owners a lot of animal—and a lot of love. Many of the largest breeds out there are affectionate canines who live to serve their family members. In fact, several are known for being calm dog breeds suitable as therapy dogs or childhood companions. Others, who were bred to be tireless guard dogs or hunters, are more reserved

Puppies.co.uk is the UKs most ethical place to buy and sell dogs and puppies as well as the number one source of information for dog lovers everywhere There are 9 puppies in the litter. We have 4 boys and 3 girls to find loving families for. Please text 519-357-8005 to plan a visit and pick out your puppy. We accept deposits to save your puppy. Favourite. $800.00. Puppies for sale. Kingston < 19 minutes ago. I have 4 puppies for sale 1. THEY HAIL FROM GERMANY. Heinrich Essig, a noted politician, is generally credited with the creation of the Leonberger. The avid dog lover was known to trade somewhere between 200 and 300 dogs a. Everything » Pets and Animals » Dogs and Puppies » [ more categories ] AKC Golden Retriever - $1,000 Hi I have some good puppies for sale born 5-10-21 and they have had frist shots and wormed please call anytime for the..

Granted, at first glance, the Leonberger could pass for a dog breed that looks like a bear or a dog that looks like a lion even, but unlike those two wild animals, the Leonberger is anything but. PLEASE NOTE We have taken the decision to not accept any more applications to join our rehoming list until early 2021. We recently asked for people already on the list to update us and we now have a good list of experienced Leo owners waiting but thankfully not too many dogs coming through to fulfil their needs at the present time Leonberger. Height: 25.5 to 31.5 inches at shoulder. Weight: 120 to 170 pounds. Coat: long and straight. Life span: 10 to 12 years. He needs a good deal of exercise, attention, and space, but with the right owner, he can be a friend like no other Not just during the visits, but the entire day. There is a resident on the memory-loss ward, one of my best pals there, who thinks he going home, every day. Every day, he packs his suitcase & prepares to leave. Except the days the dogs visit-those days, he does much better, more happy & content. And he doesn't pack list of 75 banned or restricted dogs 1. airedale terrier 2. akbash 3. akita 4. alapaha blue blood bulldog 5. alaskan malamute 6. alsatian shepherd 7. american bulldog 8. american husky 9. american pit bull terrier 10. american staffordshire terrier 11. american wolfdog 12. anatolian shepherd 13. arikara dog 14. australian cattle dog 15.

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A smarter option than buying a puppy from a pet store: No matter how reputable you think your local pet store is, they're getting their pets from one of two sources: 1) a backyard breeder, or 2) a puppy mill.The majority of purebred dogs in shelters or rescues are the product of backyard breeders Needs a good home and an owner that has time to walk him. He is a great dog but with my work schedule I do not have **Fostered north of Seattle in the Port Ludlow area** Larry is a 4 month old puppy that was rescued and brought up. We found this dog on 4/23, we believe he was dumped. He is is a very good dog. He listens to commands

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11 of 60. 21-07-13-00272 D099 Mia (f) (female) Lab mix. New Castle County, Newark, DE ID: 21-07-13-00272. 21-07-13-00272 D099 Mia (f) (female) ID: 21-07-13-00272. Lab mix. These puppies were rescued from a high kill shelter, and are now available for adoption! They have been vaccinated,.. Before you bring any dog home, make sure your kids know how to approach a new dog: extend a hand, palm down, and allow the dog to sniff. If the dog gives your child the Okay signal (wagging tail, kissing, no signs of aggression, fear, or nervousness), your child should pet the dog on his side rather than reaching over the dog's head

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Here are some of the dog's leg pain home remedies that you should know. Use of massage - This is the most commonly used and easiest dog leg pain home remedy. When administering the massage, please make use of the massage gels like an essential oil. The massage will help relieve your dog from the leg pain With the right lead, there's no end to the adventures you and your companion can have together. Clip-on a three, five, or eight-metre extendable lead and let your dog run a little further. Or, choose a colourful padded or rope lead and keep them close. Reflective dog leads are great for nighttime adventures, while leather options are a. original gifts and apparel for dog lovers. horse lovers, cat and animal designs for animal lovers. t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, mousepads, cards, journals, clocks, magnets, posters, prints & more and home decor featuring dog lovers and horse lovers photos and art work and designs with wild animals It will startle the Leonberger enough for him to stop pooping. Be prepared to return to a soiled home if you are keeping your Leonberger home alone for more than 4 hours as separation anxiety is quite common among home - alone dogs. Accidents will happen. It is unusual for a trained adult Leonberger to work against its house training Leonberger. Jamiriquai/Flickr. These playful mammoths often suffer from identity crises: Many Leonbergers believe they are lap dogs when, sometimes growing to more than 170 pounds, they often outsize their owners. The great big canines love kids and grownups alike and, with proper training and socialization, make excellent family dogs. 3

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This ECOFLEX Dog Crate melds form and function into a crate that can double as a piece of your home decor. Available in four sizes. Small for dogs up to 20 lbs. Medium for dogs up to 50 lbs. Large for dogs up to 80 lbs. X-Large for dogs up to 100 lbs. This product may not be a good fit for dogs that suffer from anxiety The Leonberger also needs a lot of play time with their owners. They work well with other pets and children when properly trained and socialized. The Leonberger is a great family dog. The Leonberger is a sensitive breed. They vibe off of your vibes and will become visibly upset when their family argues or otherwise expresses anger or sadness The third factor to take into consideration for your dog's daily exercise needs is age. From around the age of 7 or 8 dogs are considered to be senior dogs. This age can vary from breed to breed depending on the average lifespan expectancy for that breed. For a senior dog reduce the daily recommended amount by 20-30% 47 points · 2 years ago. The Leonberger is a giant dog breed. The breed's name derives from the city of Leonberg in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. According to legend, the Leonberger was ostensibly bred as a symbolic dog that would mimic the lion in the town crest. Originally from Germany, where he was created through crosses between. Friendly to other dogs: 4 Doberman Pinschers are a wonderful pet for a family home, and surprisingly great with children. We very nearly lost the Leonberger forever. This dog was almost.

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Kangal Dog Basics. The Kangal Dog is a large and powerful breed, often used in Turkey to guard livestock against predators. This dog is easily recognized by its massive head, dark muzzle, and curled tail which is carried up and over the back Low-Shedding Dog Breeds. Having a dog is great until suddenly your clothes, furniture and floors are covered in hair. If you want to minimize the amount of hair you're vacuuming and lint-rolling off your clothes, consider one of the low-shedding dogs listed below. Dogs that don't shed much typically require regular trips to the groomer, but.

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$4.95 mishmash and uncle looey, 1968, used $4.95 Mom's Home, Limited Edition Print $40.00 Mommy & Me, Limited Edition Print $25.00 N (for newf), embroidered cap - blue & black/red $25.00 designed and tested for BIG dogs, as well as unique breed specific gifts for their owners. - Jon, Andrea, Nitro, Leo & Mickey Side view. More stock photos from Isselee 's portfolio. Side view of a Carrion Crow, Corvus corone, isolated. Side view of a Great Dane, 4 years old. Side view of a Sheep. Side view of a Great Dane, 10 months old, in front of white back. Side view of two baby Hermann's tortoise facing each other Any Age Up to 8 weeks Up to 12 weeks Up to 16 weeks Older than 16 weeks. Any Location. Any Price Up to $500 Up to $1,000 Up to $1,500 Up to $2,000 Up to $2,500 Over $2,500. Search. + More Filter Options. Home /. Dog Breeds /. Puppies For Sale. +

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Prices for a dog breed range from $15.00 to $35.00 depending on the number of stitches and color changes. Let us know which one you want. Do you have a rare breed or a special dog you want embroidered? We will be happy to work with you to get you a design. All we need are pictures of your dog. Action shots are becoming very popular Leonberger. If you're looking for a giant dog, it doesn't get much bigger than the Leonberger. Standing almost 3 feet tall and weighing more than your average high school sophomore, these big-hearted giants were used as draught animals during the World Wars, pulling ammunition carts across the fields of Europe Many inherited polyneuropathies (PN) observed in dogs have clinical similarities to the genetically heterogeneous group of Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) peripheral neuropathies in humans. The canine disorders collectively show a variable expression of progressive clinical signs and ages of onset, and different breed prevalences. Previously in the Leonberger breed, a variant highly associated with.

Alaskan Malamute x Leonberger puppies For Sale | DarwenLeonberger puppies - Kennel Club Assured BreederLeonberger Dog Breed Pictures, 3Happiness is a warm Via: @adoria_the_explorer #HuskyLEONBERGER | Dogs & Puppies for Rehoming | StrathconaTop 25 ideas about Big Puppies! on PinterestLaying pinscher stock image

Puppies for sale in New York NY, Welcome to Empire Puppies. Large selection of finest puppies for sale: serving NYC Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA The Sims Wiki's Featured Article for November 2018. The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs is the fourth expansion pack for The Sims 4.1 It was announced on August 21, 2017 at Gamescom and was released worldwide on November 10, 2017. The console version was released on July 31, 2018. It is a spiritual successor to The Sims: Unleashed, The Sims 2: Pets, and The Sims 3: Pets. The expansion reintroduces cats. Source: Dog lover. This is such a cute little Pomeranian it looks like it has mascara on it's just so cute and it's smiling. photo. puppy. cute. dogs. puppies. Doglover. added by dogsloveideas. Leonberger August 2014 cover . added by 2bluemoon. Source: In The Company Of Dogs early fall cover 2014