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Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Pedidos desde $59 If you stick to an engagement distance of 30 meters or more you should be able to use 0.45gm at up to 3.9 joules without causing bleeders. They do hurt but they should not break the skin. I have experimented with higher joule rates a few years back and once I got up to 4.5 joules, I would cause at least one bleeder each gameday All Arms Airsoft operates a Joules limit for all rif types. Each Joule limit has a FPS value (roughly). We retain the right to refuse the use of any rif that is not in line with our limits. We retain the right to chrono any players weapons at random during the day

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  1. This means that if your airsoft gun is shooting 380 FPS with a.20g BB and you switch to a.25g BB your gun will be shooting 340 FPS. There's a big difference in FPS but the kinetic energy it carries on flight will be the same, 1.34 Joules, regardless of what BB weight you use
  2. Joule Creep Example: The same sniper rifle shoots 2 different BBs - 0.20g and 0.40g. If the gun is within the Joule limit mark the gun appropriately. MEASURING THE FULL THRUST SYSTEM 2 Joules / 32.6mm2 = 61›350 Joules / m2 Applied to Airsoft The energy per area is 14,7% lower which results in: • Less Pain experienced by a hit
  3. e whether or not airsoft BBs could rupture the human eye and cause permanent blindness
  4. SNIPER RIFLES: 460-550 FPS (.25g) with MED of 100 feet. 3.5 Joule limit. Sidearm (or AEGs) required as a backup. Snipers will be briefed on rules when you arrive at our field during chrono testing. HPA Snipers must consult with ref and chrono station before use and MED brief with a 2.9 Joule limit
  5. The one-joule limit most likely arose from UK case law [citation needed] where it was found that energies in excess of one joule were required to penetrate an eyeball (thus causing serious injury). As a result, airsoft devices under one joule of power have been declassified and have become legal to possess and use within Ireland
  6. 2.5 Joules for single shot /semi auot only airsoft guns = 518.74fps / 158.11ms -1 with 0.20 gramme BBs. These are now the MAXIMUM Legal Limits. Exceeding these limits can have very serious consequences

Max Variance: 1.49 Joules: 400FPS. Minimum Engagement distance: 60 feet. Bolt Action Sniper Rifles. Actual: 2.1 Joules : 475FPS. Max Variance: 2.31 Joules: 500FPS. Minimum Engagement distance: 60 feet. HPA all types. High Pressure AIr Rifles follow the above FPS but without a max variance. I.E. the actual figure is the max for HPA Airsoft Weapons Airsoft sniper rifles are the best addition to your collection if you already have the rest of the infantry-style guns. You might own an M14 or a handgun but the sniper rifle is a unique shooting experience. This is the right kind of gun for marksman shooters who enjoy stealthy shooting. Add a scope or a wood design to your sniper rifle for a. All weapons are chronographed with either .20 gram, .40 gram, or .45 gram bbs at the Field's discretion. HPA and Gas rifles must be chromed with .40 gram bbs to account for joule creep and remain under the joule limit. BINARY TRIGGERS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Pistols / Shotguns must be under 400 FPS w.20s or 1.49j (0) ft MED on semi / 50 ft MED on. 0.45g @ 350fps = 2.56j So focus on adapting your replica to Joule limits, rather than FPS limits when using heavier BBs than 0.20g. If your replica is reasonably under the limit when using 0.20g BBs, it will most likely remain under the limit when using heavier BBs Its not impossible to test for joule creep, i've just never seen a site that could be arsed doing it properly. Case in point: lets say i go to a site, 328 limit, chrono the polarstar and get 328 328 329 on the .2's they put in the mag

STAG Airsoft uses power limits measured in joules as the sole determining guide to whether a replica is within limits. Hand Guns and Fully Automatic Replicas Max Power: 1.40J This class applies to all airsoft replicas that do not qualify for the other two classes below All limits stated are based on 0.20g BBs, all players will be choreographed before every game day

A single shot or semi automatic airsoft gun over 2.5 joules is now deemed an air gun and can be sold to anyone over 18 (as it is not subject to sections 36 to 41 of the VCRA 2006), but is probably illegal to fire at another human being and therefore also unable to be used at an airsoft site. Air guns are also subject to a number of other laws You can also check THIS PAGE if you're not sure what the power limit is in your country. Joule: BB Weight >1 Joule: 0.28g BBs: 2.2 Joules: 0.43g BBs: 2.8 Joules: 0.46g BBs: 5.0 Joules: 0.49g BBs: SSG10 A1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle. First of all, you need to choose the right spring power. As you may know it is measured in Joules. Check your local.

The fields I go to Zulu 24 is 1.87 joules (400 FPS with .25s) for aegs with a 10 foot MED and then if you are under 1.42 joules (350 FPS with .25s) you have a zero foot MED. And 2.89 joules (500 FPS with .25s) with a 100 foot med for dmr/sniper rifles That means the 0.46g BB is flying at a velocity of 396 feet per second at the muzzle. A.2 would be flying at nearly 600 feet per second from the same setup, 3.31 Joules would be roughly an M180. Overwatch97, May 27, 201

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This will probably help out sniper more than anybody else as in most places BASRs (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle) are allowed to have a higher amount of FPS than an AEG. say up to 600 for a sniper and up to 450/500 for an AEG. TL;DR Higher FPS limit in Canada than what your think there is Airsoft Claymores, IED's, etc.: Must be pre-approved, and supervised by player after placement (don't walk away from your equipment), upon player kill or user kill, claymore must be retrieved as soon as possible. L.A.W. Rockets: Only foam/soft projectiles are to be used (i.e. Nerf). Must be approved and pass chrono of below 150 FPS For Automatic weapons (burst), that means we're limited to 1.3 joules - Semi-Automatic (sniper rifles/dmr) has a maximum of 2.5 joules. If you fire over that limit you're either being classified as having a Section 5 Firearm (punishable by a 5 year prison sentence) or you have an Air Weapon, and shouldn't be firing it at other people Airsoft. Get your waiver, wristband, BBs, rental equipment, and directions to airsoft designated parking at the Black Ops proshop. Standard Operating Procedures: Outdoor Fields. Full seal ASTM Eye pro stays on at all times while on the field. No mesh goggles. Under 18 must wear full face mask. Over 18 may wear full seal goggles/safety glasses

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In the future i am planning to make a sniper rifle (possibly a bolt-action marui vsr-10), however my country's laws limit airsoft guns' strength to 1 joule (around 290 fps). Assuming unlimited budget for upgrades, how good can a sniper rifle with that limitation be Minimum Engagement Distance. Pistols, Shotguns & AEG - 20 feet. Sniper - 100 feet. FPS Limits (this is a general rule - on site we measure by Joules) Pistols, Shotguns, DMR's & AEGs: 400fps w/0.20g, 360fps w/0.25g. HPA guns 325fps w/.30g bb

Always bear in mind though that these are the maximums and that the site you play on may well have a lower limit and that is the limit you must adhere to. Maximum Velocity Limits. BB Weight. Single/Semi-Auto (2.5 Joules) Full-Auto (1.3 Joules) 0.18 grams. 547 fps. 394 fps What is the best Airsoft Sniper i could get with a bugget of 200 Euro? I know that Sniper is a big thing in Airsoft but i still want to play a Sniper, its just for the use to play with my friends on our private Property. So no real Airsoft matches. The Amount of Joule should be more than 0.5. Thanks alot! Nemesi

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The 4 biggest changes in the new 2019 rules: • The maximum limits are set in Joule instead of FPS. • A new class has been added: CQB-only. This makes a total of 4 socalled classes. • Tests are done with at least 0.30 gram BBs. • A maximum of 0.40 gram BBs are allowed on all game area's. The above CQB class is exclusive The 4 biggest changes in the new 2019 rules: • The maximum limits are set in Joule instead of FPS. • A new class has been added: CQB-only. This makes a total of 4 socalled classes. • Tests are done with at least 0.30 gram BBs. • A maximum of 0.40 gram BBs are allowed on all game area's

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  1. Bolt Action RᎥfles (Snipers) - 500FPS using 0.20g / 2.4 Joules - Minimum engagement distance varies between 20m - 30m dependant on site's policy; According to the Police & Crime Act 2011, the legal limit is 1.3 Joules for Automatic Airsoft RᎥfles and up to 2.5 Joules for Semi-Automatic and Bolt Action
  2. 300€ (~$320) is a great starting budget for an airsoft gun. And 1 joule is a pretty hard limit to stay within, from my American point of view where most of our guns are well over 1 joule. But no worries, I do have a few ideas for you. For starters..
  3. The most competitive airsoft sniper rifle on the market. Incredibly Durable. It can take an M220 spring (5 Joules). Supreme Accuracy. Maintains AirSeal even with the strongest springs on the market. Highly Customizable VSR-10 platform. Quiet due to soft piston head. Magazine pop-out spring. Includes hardshell gun case. 25 Years of free spare parts. (terms and conditions) Extensive video.
  4. Pushing the limits. Since I started airsoft sniping 11 years ago, I had one mission. Crafting the perfect sniper rifle, with the best possible range and accuracy. Since 2016 however airsoft sniper development hit a dead end. The 6mm 0.46g BB was the heaviest Bio BB and it could not be made heavier
  5. imum engagement) Support Weapon, Full Auto allowed = 1.27 joules (20

  1. You can also check THIS PAGE if you're not sure what the power limit is in your country. Joule: BB Weight >1 Joule: 0.28g BBs: 2.2 Joules: 0.43g BBs: 2.8 Joules: 0.46g BBs: 4.0 Joules: 0.49g BBs: Novritsch SSG96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle. First of all, you need to choose the right spring power. As you may know it is measured in Joules. Check your.
  2. HPA and Gas rifles must be chrono'd with .40 gram bbs to account for joule creep and remain under the joule limit. Pistols and Shotguns Must be under 400 FPS w.20s or 1.49j (0 ft MED on semi / 50 ft MED on Full
  3. Must have for every Airsoft sniper who wants to fine tune his sniper rifle to the field Limit. Can measure fps / mps / rps as well as the Joules when the BB weight is entered Overview Airsoft chronograph with high quality and accuracy User-friendly interface with 128*64 LCD. Support Micro-USB(5V/.5A) power input or 2 AA batteries Ammo parameter setting supports 5 memory slots 25 memory slots.
  4. Designated Marksman Rifle: Max. 420 FPS with .20 (Test less than 1.7 Joules with .40g BB) Sniper: Max. 500 FPS (Tested less than 2.4 Joules with .40g BB) All FPS limits are guidelines only, we will measure for acceptable levels using our own heavy weight BB's (see above) and measuring for Joule muzzle energy at chrono
  5. e the power of an Airsoft gun (Tagger). The FPS is the speed at which a BB exits the tagger. The higher the FPS, the more powerful the tagger, the greater the distance the BB will travel and the more energy it contains. Thus, higher-powered taggers for hitting items far.

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Gun Limits All AEG Guns, Gas Pistols , HPA Guns 1.5 Joules/ (400 fps) .20 gram ammo 1.51 Joules/ (360fps) .25 gram ammo Pellet size limited to no heavier than .25 gra The SSX303 is the quietest Airsoft rifle ever. It is also the most universal platform which allows you to use it as a sniper rifle, assault rifle, or CQB gun. You choose what it will become! Features: Sniper-like accuracy. Designed to shoot heavy BBs. Semi-Automatic. Very quiet. Lightweight full CNC aluminum body. 1.65kg total weight. No-tool HopUp adjustment. 0.8J - 2.5J power output. Works. All weapons brought by players MUST be chronographed before the start of play, our FPS limits shown below: Gun Type FPS Limit* Joule Limit 25RPS (Rounds Per Second) Limit AEG Rifle (With full auto capability) 350FPS 1.14j 25 RPS DMR (Single fire only) 400FPS 1.48j N/A Sniper Rifle 500FPS 2.32j N/A *FPS limits are with a 0.20g B

For ease of understanding the following limits are given in FPS measured with 0.2g BBs, as well as Joules. ASA operates three classes of weapons: CQB Class. Max of 1.13 J (350 FPS) No minimum engagement distance. Assault Class. Max of 1.63 J (420 FPS) Minimum engagement distance: 10 meters. Sniper Clas 1. JG BAR-10 Spring Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. JG's BAR-10 is perhaps one of the longest-running popular models of airsoft sniper rifle, and for good reason! A recurring theme in this particular BB niche is that of parts compatibility. The most successful airsoft sniper rifles likely share parts compatibility with a handful of existing designs. Description. Description. The SV-98 or Snaiperskaya Vintovka Model 1998 is a bolt-action Sniper Rifle designed in 1998 by Vladimir Stonskiy, which has seen plenty of operation use especially in Chechnya. This rifle is lesser-seen in Airsoft Replica form, and is a welcome addition to Specna Arms' lineup of spectacular replicas

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  1. Joules is the amount of energy the BB has as it leaves the muzzle and the higher the joule rating the more pain is felt. Most paintball fields in Southern California have an FPS limit between 285-300FPS with a .68 caliber paintball. The average paintball (Some are denser than others) weighs 2.8g
  2. In California a common limit for CQB is 110 m/s (350 ft/s). [citation needed] In Ireland, Italy, and Japan the energy limit for Airsoft guns is one joule no matter what the type of game play. In the UK, the law allows weapons locked to semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles to fire up to 2.5 joules (158 m/s or 518 ft/s)
  3. Using longer barrels around 20″ in length and heavier weight airsoft BBs like 0.25g to 0.30g can improve accuracy while engaging airsoft players at maximum range. If you are using a high-end AEG airsoft rifle like a KWA or ICS brand, upgrade the gun to the limits of airsoft fields near you
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DESIGNATED MARKSMAN RIFLE'S OR SNIPER RIFLES-YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO USE THESE REPLICAS- 3.7 Joule power limit-Engagement distance: 100 Feet minimum-Semi auto or bolt action ONLY SQUAD AUTOMATIC WEAPONS OR MACHINE GUNS-1.9 Joule limit- Engagement distance: 50 foot minimum-Accurate SAW or LMG/MMG replica only Anyone acting as a sniper with an upgraded bolt action rifle over 400 fps (1.5j) must carry a sidearm that can be used alternately when engaging targets closer than 50 feet. If you have no sidearm and find yourself too close to the opposing force, you may either a) wait until they move to a safe range or b) relocate to a safe range In this case, a person being hit by a sniper rifle firing a 0.43g 6mm BB at 419 fps (or 3.5 Joules) at the MED of 100 feet would experience an impact energy of 1.34 J, clearly above the 1 J limit the site intends to enforce A sniper is a person who is going to be your long range asset on the team. Your field or event rules will dictate what is allowed for a sniper in terms of gun types and equipment, but generally speaking, a sniper will be equipped with a sniper rifle or a similar long range platform. The things you might do in this role is delivering long-range and accurate fire as well as provide.

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Fps (feet per second) Limits are as follows; AEG is 400fps. HPA/Gas guns are 320fps with .32 bb's or 1.55 joules. Squad support or LMG's are 450fps with a 50 foot minimum engagement distance. Sniper rifles are 500fps with a 50 foot engagement distance. Equipment Requirements-Full seal eye protection that is rated for airsoft or paintball These are the limits not to be exceeded: 350fps - Full auto allowed = 1.13 joules (no minimum engagement) 370fps - Full Auto allowed = 1.27 joules (20 minimum engagement) 500 fps - Single shot only = 2.32 joules (30 minimum engagement) Please chat with the Chrono Marshal on the Day for more inf The most famous sniper rifle now fully upgraded.Incredibly Durable. It can take a M220 spring.Supreme Accuracy. Designed for heavy BBs. 0.46g recommended.100% AirSeal even with the strongest springs on the market.Highly Customizable.Quiet due to soft piston head and Cylinder/Barrel ratio matching.2 Does an airsoft sniper rifle have a better range than their shorter buddies like in real life? In airsoft, barrel length plays less of a role on distance that many think. Assuming the barrel and cylinder are correctly matched, an equally powered b.. This mechanism is best for simulating sniper rifles, hence it is widely used among airsoft sniper rifles. Springers are simple and robust, it will work no matter what kind of weather condition, but it is slow if the user would like to have a follow-up shot. but that also depends on the country's fps/ joule limit as well

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All Airsoft Guns, Gas Blowback Guns, Spring Guns are Not real firearms. All airsoft guns sold to US and European customers are supplied with an orange tip installed permanently. Airsoft Guns are not allowed to be sold and delivered to mainland China. Our store only sell legal Airsoft Toys which is under 1.9 joules On average, users have airsoft 200 - 400 FPS with .20g BB, but all of this wouldn't matter if your airsoft gun doesn't match with the airsoft field rules. Despite people on Reddit or airsoft community agreed that airsoft FPS 400 is ok to use outdoors, it's not them to decide if it's legal, the local field determines if you can play or.

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Sniper airsoft weapons must be semi (1 second interval between shots) or bolt action only. Sniper airsoft weapons may be set to a field max of 500 FPS, using .20 BB's. These airsoft weapons must observe a 100-foot minimum shooting distance. Due to the extra speed on these airsoft sniper weapons, one infraction will result in loss of use of the. FPS limit is strictly enforced for every gun in the game. The limit for most AEG weapons is 400 FPS (with .20g BBs). The limit for HPA weapons is 1.45 joules (with .32g BBs). The limit for sniper rifles is 500 FPS (with .20 BBs) with a minimum engagement distance of 100ft. Max 25 rF (Rate of Fire With the tests, it has been established that the lethality of airsoft guns are at 1.3 joules or 370fps at .20g bbs for automatic airsoft guns and 2.5 joules or 520fps for single-shot guns such as airsoft sniper rifles or pistols. Going above such limits would make an airsoft gun a Section 5 firearm

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Ammo Carry Limit: 600 (no limit at Skirmish) Requirements: Side arm for engaging within minimums. Sniper: FPS: 500 / must be less than 2.4 Joules with .40 BB; MED: 30 meter minimum engagement; Requirements: Side arm for engaging within minimums. Ammo Carry Limit: 600 (no limit at Skirmish) Vehicle Mounted Weapons Section VI: Minimum Engagement Distance. Section VI-A: Determining Muzzle Energy. Provided that the mass of the BB is known and the muzzle velocity can be determined, muzzle energy can be easily calculated using the formulas as outlined in Section I-C: Energy.For most airsoft rifles and pistols, the muzzle energy for a 0.20g BB will be the same as for that of a heavier BB How much injury will the airsoft pellet cause if it hits its target in 5 feet at 7.68 joules? Lots An output of 7.68J puts the fps with a BB of 0.2g at about 912. To put that in to perspective, it is only about 213fps short of the sound barrier... No age limit although traders don't sell Airsoft guns to minors: Germany: 14-18 but only airsoft guns under 0.5 joules: 14 for guns under 0.5 joules and 18 for guns with muzzle energy between 0.5 and 7.5 joules: Hungary, Serbia: 16: 16: Mexico: Unregulated: Unregulated: Italy: 14-18 with the supervision of an adult: 18: Japan: under 18 but. LIMITS: Spring/AEG with .20g - 1.64 JOULES/420 FPS. HPA/Gas/Co2 with .32g - 1.52 JOULES/320 FPS. Bolt Action Sniper with .20g - 2.32 JOULES/500 FPS. Air Bolt Action Sniper with .32g - 2.32 JOULES/395 FPS. Sniper - 100ft minimum engagement. Full Auto Weapons - 20ft minimum engagement. **everyone must have an empty mag to enter the chronograph area

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However, most outdoor fields will have an FPS limit of 400 FPS, and indoors the limit will be 350 FPS. In outdoor play, this limit may vary for bolt action rifles. Note that FPS is measured with .20 grams. Using heavier BBs to convey a lower FPS is known as cheating the chrono, and is highly disgraceful. Airsoft is a game of honesty. Be honest Bolt Action RᎥfles (Snipers) - 500FPS using 0.20g / 2.4 Joules - Minimum engagement distance varies between 20m - 30m dependant on site's policy; According to the Police & Crime Act 2011, the legal limit is 1.3 Joules for Automatic Airsoft Replicas and up to 2.5 Joules for Semi-Automatic and Bolt Action

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The ASG - MK1 Tactical Gas Sniper is built to an incredibly high quality standard, but due to its skeletal like stock it is very lightweight. The overall length of this pistol/sniper makes it very well balanced too. The FPS is completely negotiable depending on the weather but also the gas you decide to use Airsoft Laws in Germany. With German airsoft law, all airsoft guns between 0.5 joule and 7.5 joule are considered toy guns and can be freely sold to all persons above 3 years of age. Distributors agreed to raise the limit to least 14 years of age. [This is realised and the limit is thus 14 years] All Airsoft guns including Sniper rifles have to be under 1 Joule in Ireland. No Airsoft gun can be deadly accurate, it's basically a ball musket. Airsoft sniping is about stealth, tactics and patience, a style of play. In a good game, aspects of sniping/rifleman/support will be used, it's more about player skill & stealth in Airsoft, really Airsoft sites differ in what is an acceptable FPS and Site Limits should always remain under the legal recommendations. Fully automatic airsoft guns operating at 1.3 joules or less, and single-shot (or semi automatic) airsoft guns operating at 2.5 joules or less do not engage the lethality threshold under the Firearms Act Farsan 0012 FBI Metal Model Gun - Silver Out of Stock. $119.99. Farsan Real Wood 0521 6mm Double Barrel Gas Shotgun (Short) Out of Stock. $229.99. Farsan 0521 Real Wood 1000mm Double Barrel Gas Shotgun Out of Stock. $299.99. Farsan Thompson G2 Contender 370mm Break-top 6mm Gas Pistol - Silver. $139.99. Farsan Thompson G2 Contender 370mm Break.


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FGF Airsoft Rules Updated 4/3/2020. brought to the field. HPA and Gas rifles must be chronoed with .40 gram BB's, and locked. This is to calculate for joule creep to remain under the joule limit. All HPA systems must also have the ability to be tournament locked. Sniper / DMRs : must be under 550 FPS w/.20s or 2.75 Airsoft Laws In New York law prohibits any person under the age of sixteen from possessing or using an Airsoft Gun. View the restrictions on the use of airsoft guns within public places and carrying them to schools. Avoid Trouble with the law both in New York city and in the wider state of New york A replica of a firearm by compressed air (gas, spring-loaded manual or electric), capable of firing pellets from 0.2 g or higher (the higher the weight of the ball will be more accurate but less go away) and 6 mm biodegradable plastic to no more than 0.99 joule of energy (limit imposed by the law for the toy guns) Air guns that are firearms for purposes of both the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code. These are air guns with both a high muzzle velocity (greater than 152.4 metres or 500 feet per second) and a high muzzle energy (greater than 5.7 joules or 4.2 foot-pounds). . At 5.7J, a 0.2g BB goes at 238m/s, which is 787fps Airsoft Rifle, plastic BB guns, plastic toy airsoft rifle Best Airsoft BB Rifle Airsoft gun rifle plastic toy airsoft rifle Airsoft Gun India Customer Service available from 10am to 6pm Only Monday to Saturday. | .177 Air Gun having power less than 20 joule does not require any license in india as per arms rule 2016

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FPS, Power and Joule Limits can vary from site to site, so please get in touch with where you're going to play with in advance to avoid disappointment. Suggested limits are based on Joulage Limit rules used Halo Mill: Proving Grounds , with a 350fps limit for Automatic Replicas, 400fps for Semi-Automatic Replicas, and 500fps for Bolt Action. The airsoft gun is a replica weapon used in the airsoft game. It's a very low power weapon. Airsoft gun does hurt, but it depends on many things like velocity or mass of the projectile, angle of impact, BB volume, BB weight, material, skin thickness, age or gender of the recipient, etc Hi, DMRs have a a lot more fire power because they can be semi-auto rather than the bolt action. Main advantage that the snipers have over the DMRs is the higher fps limit they are allowed to use. One other good factor is the noice. Snipers wont m..

[citation needed] In Ireland, Italy and Japan the muzzle energy limit for airsoft guns is 1 joule no matter what the type of gameplay. In the UK , the law allows weapons locked to semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles to fire up to 2.5 joules (at muzzle velocity up to 158 m/s or 518 ft/s) We mentioned the fact wearing camouflage is an absolute must when using an airsoft sniper but even more important is a good rifle scope. With a sniper you shoot over a large distance and a rifle scope is simply a necessity for an accurate shot. Both camouflage wear as rifle scopes are readily available in our store and webshop - Gas Non-Blowback Pistols will be chronoed with .40 gram bbs to account for possible joule creep and must be under 1.49 joules (283 fps with .40s).-AEPs (Airsoft Electric Pistols) / Springer Pistols will be chronoed with .20 gram bbs and must be under 1.49 joules (400 fps with .20s) It's important to understand that while Airsoft BB's can appear similar, they come in a variety of weights, like 0.20g, 0.25g and 0.30g. Before purchasing Airsoft BB, you should look at the FPS/Joule limit of your weapon to ascertain which type of ammunition will be best suited to your airsoft guns. Lighter Airsoft BB's are ideal for. 3 shots will be fired, we load your gun with .32g BBs and measure in Joules - highest recorded is the chrono rating tagged; Tournament lock HPA; Velocity Limits: 1.5 Joules (~315 FPS with a .32g BB) - AEG (Full & Semi Auto) - No Minimum Engagement Distance / Use Semi-Auto within 10 feet In Japan, they have a -1 Joule limit, hence why all Tokyo Marui guns shoot less than 300 fps. You have to build an airsoft sniper for it to perform well enough to qualify as a good sniper. Novsitsch sells a rebranded Modify M24, but you can build a sniper far better than his for cheaper

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